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Perfect Eyebrows? That’s Simple!

Eyebrows can dramatically change your face – full, tamed eyebrows create a youthful appearance while sparse, thin ‘brows can age any woman. I, myself, am obsessed with perfect eyebrows.  Even when I leave my house without makeup, I at least make sure my eyebrows are tamed.

Ladies, clear mascara is your best friend.  It’s inexpensive & it does wonders for your eyebrows! Just brush them with this magic tube (to your desired shape) and voila – they’re tamed all day long. Check out some more tips below on how to achieve a perfect eyebrow.

First and foremost, eyebrows must begin, end and arch in a specific place.  Use this as a guide next time you tweeze.

  •  A)  This is where your eyebrow should begin ( at the outer edge of your nostril ). If you need to, use a pencil or a straight object to assist you with accuracy.
  •  B) Your arch should begin and the outer edge of your pupil.  Again, use a pencil as an aid – your starting point remains the outer edge of the nostril.
  •  C) FInally, move your pencil to the outer edge of your eye from the starting point.  Your eyebrow should end at this spot.

Now, once you’ve perfectly aligned your ‘brows, here’s how to finish them off:

  • Brush your eyebrows upwards (I do this with Maybelline clear mascara) and cut any long hairs with a small scissor.
  • Fill them in.  I use powder when filling in my eyebrows; they tend to create a more natural look (My favorite is the  Anastasia Brow Powder Duo ).  Use a darker shade for the arch area and the lighter shade for the rest of the brow with a thin, angled brush.  With upward strokes, lightly create the eyebrow to your liking – you’re the artist! But please, don’t get too ‘brow happy and overdo it 🙂
  • Lastly (and optional), brush your eyebrows one more time to the desired shape.

I hope this helps! I know for some women, maintaining their eyebrows can be a tedious, difficult process so I want to know: Do you ladies find it difficult to keep up with a “Perfect Eyebrow”?


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