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Top 5 Makeup Mishaps

1.  Not Blending Enough

I cannot stress this enough: Blending is the KEY to a flawless look! If eyeshadow, blush, or foundation is not blended enough, it creates the illusion that you’re wearing more makeup than you really are.  The solution to this makeup mishap is to invest in some good brushes – it’s a well worth expense.  A good set of brushes makes  a huge difference when applying makeup!

2. Over plucked brows

Brows that are too thin are universally unflattering.  If your brows are too sparse, let them grown in and resist the temptation of tweezing stray hairs.  In the meantime, fake a bolder brow with natural looking eyebrow powder (Anastasia Brow Powder Duo is my go-to brow filler).

3. Lip Color that is too dark

Too dark lip hues can look extremely aging.  When lining lips, avoid using a dark liner.  Always use a lip liner shade that match the color of your natural pucker.  If you must wear a dark hue, opt with the glossed or sheer version of this color.

4. Mismatched Foundation

This is the most common makeup crime committed by women! Remember that foundation must be changed with seasons.  The same foundation you wore in July will not work for you in January.  Also, be aware of foundations that tend to oxidize (turns orange) as it interacts with the oils on your skin.

5.  Overbronzing

A bronzer overload can make skin look too orange, shimmery, or dirty.  I tend to favor matte bronzer over shimmers & remember that just like your foundation shade, your bronzer should change throughout seasons.


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