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So it’s nearing towards the end of winter (YAY!) – and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling a little on the pale side.  During these frigid months, I tend to favor blush over bronzer. However, when I do use a bronzer, it’s definitely a matte bronzer applied sparingly (my favorite “winter bronzer” is Hoola by Benefit).

Blush tends to give off more of a natural flushed look, as opposed to a “sun kissed” look.  If applied correctly, it can actually finish off an entire look.  I’ve always been drawn to a powder blush instead of a creamy texture. However, this little favoritism of mine did a complete 360 during one of my (many) trips to Sephora. I received a tiny sample of Make Up Forever’s High Definition Blush.  I love all of their products, but I was a little skeptical of their cream blush because most of their line is highly pigmented.

I tried it out and absolutely loved it.  It’s creamy, the colors are beautiful and each shade matches every skin color perfectly.  Another pro is that my skin is extremely sensitive and this caused no aggravation whatsoever. It gives off that look that every woman hopes to achieve with blush: a lightweight, natural flush.  However, this product DOES come with a warning: It must be used sparingly!! Like all Make Up Forever products, it is intensely compacted with pigment.  I applied a tiny dot of cream blush to each side of my face, blended, and voila – a perfect finished look!


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